A Frazzled Beginning

Though usually the clothes had been picked out, the school supplies were neatly packed and the lunch was already in the refrigerator, this year it wasn’t like that.   It was a frazzled beginning to my 8th grade year at Parker Middle School. I needed another day, another week, another month of summer before I was ready to pack up the tennis racquets and pull out the pencils.    But it was September first already and there was no way out. The school year had begun.

The first week was a hard adjustment from summer. My new puppy was stuffed in a crate at home alone, and I hated to think about her wondering where we were and when we’d be home. It was hard to balance work and play when I did come home to her. In between math problems I threw tennis balls to her and while I typed on the computer, I my left hand was playing tug of war with her favorite rope toy.  It had to get easier!

The second week did start off easier, until I woke up with a fever and going to school was vetoed by my mom.  I was distraught that I had to miss a day of school already!   So on my fifth day of school, I was already behind, racing to catch up again with my peers. As I did, I felt myself fall back into the well known rhythm of school.

Today I began my third week of school. Things have started to settle down as the introductions to eighth grade end, and the work begins.  It’s almost as if school is really beginning now as the weather becomes colder and the memories of summer fade.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the coming weeks bring as eighth grade continues on.