Wordy Graduates

It isn’t unusual to wonder what happens to people after they are finished with being your classmates. I have conducted a “Where are they Now?” for some wordmasters graduates. Keeping up with a few of them was challenging! To the Wordmasters Graduates of 2010; congratulations on your past graduation and your lives today!

Sunder is now a famous gossip magazine editor. She is well-known for ruining famous Hollywood friendships through creating rumors that cause enormous fights between what seemed like forever friends!

Oust is now the boss of his own company. His employees work harder for him then a servant works for a king. If oust sees something he doesn’t like then he immediately fires that employee.

Bountiful is said to be the new Oprah! She is rolling in money and lives in an enormous house with her husband and ten children. Bountiful donates millions of dollars to charity every year.

Sumptuous lives in New York City with her extremely wealthy husband. She spends her days shopping in the most expensive boutiques in the city! She goes to the spa daily and enjoys her lavish lifestyle.

Portent is now a famous fortune teller. He  has proven his skill of predicting the future multiple times even predicting an enormous earthquake in Haiti last January.  He amazes people with his unreal talent!

Last spring, Pernicious started a fire causing many people to be injured at the scene. Reports say that he laughed as the building was destroyed and sang to the sirens as the ambulances arrived. He has been in jail since this time.

If you are still curious about a few more of the graduating Wordmasters, visit the blogs of Althea W. and Alex S.!