To Live or to Study

Can an experience teach more then a book? In the French language, “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” means travel broadens the mind. I agree with this expression. I think that traveling can really change people ideas and views. It opens the mind to diverse cultures and fosters new ways to do things.¬† If I could spend a year in a foreign country I would travel to the place where the expression, “Les voyages forment la jeunesse,” originated. I would head to France and spend my year in Paris!

By immersing myself in the French culture I could learn the French language more quickly and solidly. Watching TV, listening to the radio and communicating in France would be more practice in learning French then twenty worksheets could give me! I think that when I needed the language to live my life then I would be able to learn French much more easily.

Living in France would teach me how to manage my own life. I would have to manage my own time and resources which would be a new experience for me. I would need to be more responsible. Using my time wisely would be crucial and I would have to make many decisions for myself. Living on my own in a new place could teach me a lot about independence.

In general, I think I’d become much more accepting of new ideas and cultures after living in France for a year. I would have to familiarize myself with French culture. I would have to let go of the way I knew to live my life and accept many differences in the year I lived in Paris. Also, I would have to accept French food. I would have to learn to appreciate the ways the French eat and I would also have to eat things that tasted different then the food I was used to.

Reading about living in France would be like reading a book about living on a different planet. Although differences between the places could be realized, they wouldn’t be able to be imagined and lived. I think living in a foreign place for one year could teach many new things to people about life and culture. I think traveling abroad would be a very rewarding experience. Bon voyage!